Overview of FullDAO

FullDAO Protocol is the Avalanche Decentralized Yield Optimizer platform allowing users to earn compound interest on the amount of tokens invested in the platform for the benefits of the community.
FullDAO earns you the highest APY with efficiency and safety.
Through a set of investment strategies guaranteed and initiated by smart contracts, FullDAO automatically maximizes rewards from different liquidity pools (LPs).
FullDAO's core offering is the 'Vaults' where you deposit your crypto assets and 'Lending' where you deposit and/or borrow crypto assets to/from FullDAO.
The investment strategy associated with the vault will automatically grow the quantity of tokens you have deposited by compounding random yield farm reward tokens back into your initial invested asset. Despite the term 'Vault', your funds are never kept in any vault on FullDAO: you may withdraw them at any time.
FullDAO Lending is a revolution of decentralized peer-to-pool lending that allows users to easily perform lend and borrow crypto assets through Lending Protocol.
DeFi applications are distinct as they are permissionless and trustless, which means that anybody with a compatible wallet may interact with them without the need for a trusted intermediary. While your money are staked in a vault, you have complete control over your crypto assets.

Summarize what FULLDAO does:

  • Invest & Reinvest with FullDAO Protocol
  • Let your Crypto assets work for you
  • Lend & Borrow with FullDAO Protocol to utilize crypto assets

Why FullDAO?

Why should you choose FullDAO over other existing platforms?
Let us break it down for you with the most concrete bullet points:

Multiple Rewards & Incentives

FullDAO brings you multiple rewards for your contribution and participation to the platform, yet drive users and growth of the ecosystem as people can get more involved and earn more.

Easy to Use & Earn

FullDAO wants to bring to you guys the simplest and smoothest experience even for those who do not have much exposure to DeFi world in general, or Yield-optimizer platform in general.


FullDAO prioritizes creating original features for Passive Income Maximization & building strong partnerships with leading projects to build a thriving ecosystem.


Security above everything - the platform is built to keep your crypto assets safe and private.


FullDAO holders have the power to directly vote on the future decisions of the protocol.


FullDAO team always aims for the benefits of the community and is always available to provide support whenever you need.